Palmal Brahmans is run on three Central Queensland properties north of Dingo. Palmal Brahmans is owned by David and Julie McCamley and their three sons Ed, Will and Tim.

We run 500 grey and 100 red stud cows. In our reds we are concentrating on polls and in our greys we are breeding quiet, functional, predictable Brahman cattle.

Most of our bulls are sold in the paddock. Inquiries and Inspection are always welcome.

group of bulls

Annual Sales


Clermont Beef Bull Sale

21 September, 2021

CQLX, Gracemere

45th rockhampton brangus society sponsored sale

11-12 October, 2021

CQLX, Gracemere

Lancefield Invitational Sale

25 October, 2021

Charters Towers

Big Country Sale

7-8 February, 2022


We have a very exciting line of bulls to offer at sales this year. All sale bulls will be semen motility and morphology tested. We also aim to present bulls that are not overfed and that are ready to go out and do the job.

top price bull

David and Julie McCamley with top price bull Lancefield D Robinson, $32,000 and buyers, Dan and Bevan Radel, Kandoona, Injune and Ray Hicks, Billabong, Moura.

Congress 1983

LANCEFIELD D ADMIRAL LAD1034M Grand Champion Bull at the Brahman Congress 1983.

brahman week 1981

LANCEFIELD D SPARTYCAS LAD847 1st bull sold by Lancefield D at Brahman Week 1981.

Grand Champion bull

LANCEFIELD D TRINIDAD LAD761M Grand Champion bull Brisbane Royal, and Townsville Show, 1981. Junior Champion Bull 1980 Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville Shows.


Palmal Brahmans, a new name. but old and proven Brahman Stud. Palmal Brahmans was established in 2013 to take over the stud name Lancefield D, run by David, Julie and our three boys Ed, Will and Tim who all have their own stud cattle.

It was decided to change and promote our own name. Palmal Brahmans is run in Central Queensland, on three adjoining properties, Palmalmal, Lachlan, Strathvale. The stud is run in conjunction with a commercial enterprise where we fatten steers and heifers for the EU market.

Palmal Brahmans runs 500 grey stud cows and 100 red stud cows. We utilise the tools of embryo transfer and AI maiden heifers each year. To expand our genetic pool we try to use new bulls all the time to breed something special. Many top sires have been retained and sold.

We will continue to sell bulls at the Lancefield Annual Sale and Big Country. In edition we will be selling a draft of bulls at the Clermont Beef Sale in September. Approximately 120 paddock bulls are sold annually. Our family has been breeding Brahman Cattle all their lives and are very passionate about the breed.

We are very proud of our family and our cattle.

About Palmal Brangus

Palmal Brangus Stud was established in 2013 and we have been breeding Brangus cattle commercially since the purchased our Strathvale property in 2000.

Over the years we have bred paddock bulls and bullocks, most of the female progeny were used as Recipient Cows in our Embryo Transfer programs. In these cows we produced some really good cows and decided it was a waste to be using them as recips, so we decided to breed some Stud cattle, hence Palmal Brangus.

We AI some of our best stud Grey Brahman heifers to top Angus bulls, and are currently mating around 200 Brahman females to quality Angus bulls. We are keeping the best of these heifers for our Brangus program and mating them to Brangus bulls.

Our aim is to breed clean coated poll black bulls that are structurally correct with bone and clean underlines. This year we will be selling our first run of bulls at the Clermont Beef Bull Sale on the 23rd September 2014, and will also have herd bulls available in the paddock.

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